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Night Out Challenge & Prize Eligibility Guidelines:

**This is important information regarding what you need to do in order to have a chance at winning...

Video Content Guidelines

  • Create a video of yourself getting ready for a fun night out with friends, or for a date night with your significant other.
  • ​This can be just you, or you can do a split screen or side by side with a friend, or your romantic partner.
  • ​Give your audience a sneak peek of how you get ready, and then reveal your final look at the end! (For example, trying on outfits, putting on makeup, styling hair, etc.)
  • ​For the challenge to be completed... 
  • Select my song “In Your River” as your background music.
  • ​At least once in the video, show a moment where you are dancing or casually grooving to my song (to reflect your excitement for the fun night ahead)
  • Final Note -- If you plan to collaborate with a friend or significant other, we recommend concluding the video with their candid reaction to seeing you (or seeing each other) and the two of you beginning your night

Posting Guidelines

  • Submit video link to this email address - 
  • (this is for the purposes of tracking all submissions and contacting the winners)
  • Post video on your Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok page (posting on multiple platforms may increase your chances of winning) 
  • ​Follow @KeithSheehanMusic on Facebook and Instagram 
  • ​Use the following Hashtags in your post(s) 
  • #InYourRiver 
  • #​NightOutChallenge

How Top 3 Winners Will Be Selected:

  • Prize Winners will be selected based on the following criteria
  • Uniqueness of their video
  • ​Ratio of engagement on their post (ratio of followers to collective total of views, likes, comments, and shares)
  • If they post on multiple platforms, then we will evaluate whichever of their posts has the most views
  • In the event of a tiebreaker, the winner would be considered whoever gained a higher collective total of views and engagement across all platforms
  • Prize winners - in order to accept their prize - will be required and must agree to post at least twice about their experience with the Sponsor's product or service.
  • i.e. their experience at the resort (throughout their 3-night stay, or within 1-week after)
  • ​i.e. their experience with the online course and personal coaching (within initial 6 weeks of starting their program)
  • Should any selected winner refuse to agree to the above terms, a runner up(s) who is willing to do so will be selected to receive the prize package instead

Post Contest Procedure:

Once the 3 contest winners have been selected, Sponsors will receive the following information so that they can get in direct contact to congratulate the winners and coordinate the delivery of the prize (including what the next steps are and giving them access to the programs included or providing them with the booking details (per the packages detailed above).

For that reason, in order to officially enter the challenge and be eligible to win a prize, you will need to please complete the registration form below: